Fleur février (February Flower)
& The Slide

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Fleur Février is written about a flower that took the courage to flourish already in February, with the first sunrays around. In the Swiss Mountains, amidst snow and rocks, this tiny thing just boldly stood there being pretty. I couldn’t help to instantly hear some melodies going with that view. The original plan was to put the song on the album ‘Discomfort’ in the journey that goes with the album, but we decided that with 12 steps the album was already complete.

This actually makes sense as a piece coming after that album: When discomfort has its space, there is also place for joy and boldness any time; even in the winter it can just pop up and celebrate. In this case in the form of a beautiful little flower.

The sound will be close to the sound of the album ‘Discomfort’, partly because it was recorded in that time period on the same piano, with the same mixing and mastering engineers. Fleur Février is accompanied by another tune; ‘’The Slide’’, that links to the same theme. But wether this stands for the slide in the playground, sliding down the hills doing some form of wintersports, or something completely different: You may decide that for yourself when you hear it (please let me know how your ride in ‘the slide’ turned out to be!)

All the best,
Jacco (Wynia)

Genres: (primary) Classical Contemporary, (secondary) Neo – Classical

Label:  Mosaic Music

‘’For me music is all about connecting. Connecting with each other, with nature, and with the core of self. Music can inspire wonderful things. It has given me the ability to express my vulnerable feelings. Nowadays it brings me in touch with who I really am and with my core values.

Through my music, I hope to give the listener the same state of being connected with themselves and people around them.’’

Jacco Wynia

Jacco Wynia is a Dutch neo-classical composer, pianist and musician. Related composers are Joep Beving, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm, Yann Tiersen.