When in the purest form, things can manifest in their most beautiful and intense way. The process of cleansing can help you and me, it can help other beings, spaces, nature. By simply getting rid of any ballast, losing negative energy, or getting rid of the pollution that happened on the way. Many of us can feel clean, but what is left of this when we come across storms in life? What happens when circumstances try and pull us out of our core being?

Those are moments where we can really practice our strength in this cleansing process. For me personally, I can experience it clearly in the meditative sense. When bad things happen, my system tends to get stressed and lose itself to negative thoughts, reïnforcing the outside circumstances from within. Through awareness of this tendency, I can intervene, and accept that my outer state is difficult indeed. Whilst in myself I can still feel the joy of being alive, being able to perceive the difficulty, which in itself can also make me feel alive. This cleans my internal energy and makes space to transform outer challenges in a form of inner calm and acceptance. This way I love the cleansing effect of the ‘here and now’ that can be present even in difficult times, in pain, in sorrow. As long as we choose wisely, and stick to our choices in how we deal with the situation (or: how we decide not to deal with it but accept it as it is(!) anything can be OK. Thanks to the wonderful process of Cleansing.

The beautiful video is made by Andri Laukas, check out his work at:

https://www.andrilaukas.com and https://www.instagram.com/cameraismyeye/

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