Never Ending Stillness

Never Ending Stillness


About one year ago, I went to a concert of one of my favourite piano teachers. He had inspired me by his playing, just as much as his sincere way of making a connection. I had not seen him for a long time, and I found out that there was no one I knew at the concert except for him. I really enjoyed the music, and afterwards, the audience and musicians had some drinks together. There I found out that this gentle man had gone through quite some tough times. I felt that I was lucky to see him there in the state he was: alive and with energy. We shortly shared some stories and I felt that there was a depth to it.

As soon as I got home that night, I started playing the piano. I was inspired by what I had heard and felt. A very basic cadence kept going in the left hand, giving freedom to my right hand to explore many colours. There was joy, and I felt no need to do something ‘good’ or ‘interesting’. Also making mistakes felt as joyful discoveries.

These were the first versions of ‘Never Ending Stillness’. When I was recording songs in the studio, I decided that I wanted to do some sort of this relaxed improvisation, and I ended up loving the easing sound of it. I hope that listeners can enjoy the freedom in this song just as much as I still do.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all music teachers, that help develop their students in music and as persons. And of course, especially I send some thanks into the universe to this beautiful man that I write about. Hopefully, he will receive at least as many blessings I got from him.

Today ‘Never Ending Stillness’ came out on all streaming platforms. You can listen to the song via this link: https://jaccowynia.lnk.to/NeverEndingStillness

Listen now on your favourite platform

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